I'm a researcher, facilitator, and storyteller.

I started my career both academically and professionally as a Mechanical Engineer and I've spent the entirety of my professional life working in product development and innovation consulting, helping organizations figure out how to bring new products and services to market.

I've worked on over 50 different projects with clients all over the world. I've facilitated meetings in Belgium about innovation in beer and visited factories in China to help transition my prototypes over to mass production. Projects I have worked on have ended up on the shelves in Target, in the hands of Hazmat professionals, and on the operating room table. I've helped numerous teams identify and create new technology to enable their visions to come to life.

Over time I've become fascinated by not just how to make products, but why they will ultimately be successful. The best engineering in the world won't be realized if it can't be communicated to those outside the team who made it. The most novel solution is without value if it's solving a problem that no one has.

I believe strongly that people have inherently simple needs that manifest themselves in complicated ways. My passion is helping unravel those complexities and illuminating the opportunities to address those needs.

My work centers around people, whether through observation or in conversation, and I am invigorated when working with others who are engaged, curious, and challenge me. Creating the future requires an acknowledgment of the present, a respect for the past, and a willingness to take the first step forward. I'm excited to take that step with you!

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