Tired of constantly talking about “innovation” without actually doing anything about it?

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  • Do you have great ideas but can’t seem to bring them to market?

  • Are internal politics preventing forward progress?

  • Did your last brainstorm session seem to go nowhere?

  • Are you struggling to start a new innovation effort?

  • Does your team seem to be unable to move quickly?

  • Are you feeling the pressure of “innovate or die?”

  • Are you worried your team is building the wrong solution?



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Alex helped us to figure out how to focus on what was really important. He did all of this in a way that was collaborative. He wasn’t ‘The Man with All the Answers’ coming to straighten us out.
— Design Thinking Workshop Participant

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Uncover What Your Customers Crave

Learn what your customers are dying for and how to give it to them

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Have More Effective Brainstorm Sessions

Generate ideas that stick around past the post-its and are actually doable for your team right now

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Validate Your Ideas Before a Big Investment

Quickly and cheaply figure out if your idea will work in the real world


I’ve helped 25+ companies
breakthrough tough problems over 10+ years


I felt that he was incredibly well trained. I got the feeling that this ‘wasn’t his first rodeo’ and that gave me a lot of confidence in his abilities.
— Workshop Participant


Are one of these
5 Innovation MYTHS
holding your organization back?



Who’s this Alex guy?

I’ve spent 10+ years in product development as an engineer and strategist helping one-man start-ups and Fortune 50 companies design their futures.

I’ve built machines to make the perfect smoothie and pancakes at a push of a button. I’ve talked to fishing charter captains in Louisiana about the next big thing in boat motors, and 90 year olds about how their healthcare providers can start providing things they actually want.

Kitchen appliances to healthcare strategy, start-ups to blue chips, innovation can take a lot of different forms. But one of my favorite parts of my job is learning about new problems, figuring out where we can apply lessons from the past, and when we need to create a brand new future! I’m excited to get started on yours!


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