Chief Innovation Officer?

What is that? Does my company need one?


CIOs help teams and organizations grow by identifying and developing new opportunities (products, technologies, processes, markets, etc.)

Chief Innovation Officer (CIO):


If you’re feeling stuck on any of these questions:

What new product should we develop?

How can we do things totally differently?

How can I convince senior leadership this new idea is worth it?

How do I make sure customers will buy our new offering?

How do I get my team to be more innovative?

I have a big problem and I don’t even know where to start…

A CIO could help!


“Corporate innovation efforts at large companies often lack a clear mission and framework. 

It’s a particular problem for a company’s frontline business units, whose business processes and performance metrics are optimized to relatively short-term goals that are anchored in what they are currently doing or selling rather than in what they could be doing differently

As a result, line managers instinctively reject innovations that won’t immediately contribute to their goals.

This is precisely why large companies need a Chief Innovation Officer, [someone] who can counterbalance the natural killing instinct of a company’s business units and design a more innovation-friendly organizational environment.

A CIO can help:


Train Staff


Identify Market Opportunities

light bulb icon_150.png

Generate Ideas


Support Efforts


Bring to staff the tools and techniques required to master the ambiguous and unusual space of innovation

Analyze and evaluate the market for new opportunities outside the current known spaces

Find and develop new ideas for the business that are desirable, feasible, and viable

Ongoing coaching of teams to breakthrough roadblocks and uncertainties while developing new ideas



You might not need a full-time CIO (yet.)

You might need: a Contract Chief Innovation Officer

A Contract CIO can bring the help you need,
only when you need it, tailored to your team.