Lots of people ask

“So what do you actually do?
What does this look like in real life?”

Here’s a few examples of client work I’ve done over the last few years.

How can an insurance company redesign their website to build trust with new customers?

Client: CrossFit RRG

How can a local healthcare provider
better partner with its >65 year old patient base?

Client: Martin’s Point Healthcare

How can a market leader gain ground in an under-performing segment?

Client: Call Center Software Provider


But wait, there’s more!

Unfortunately many projects remain confidential as they’re actively in development, I’ve worked in a wide variety of industries:

Consumer Products - Could technology help new moms in the nursery of the future?

Medical - Can we improve protocols for a new IV-infused drug to prevent errors?

Industrial Products - What’s next for high-end boat motors?

Business Operations - How do elite technology companies move quickly with control?

B2B Products - What are the opportunities for future Point-Of-Sale systems?

UX/Software - How can we design our software to fit how our customers will use them?

Education Training - How can high school teachers infuse Design Thinking into their classroom?

Healthcare - How can a hospital help pair high-risk patients with the resources they need?

Non-Profit - How do we ensure our 5 Year Strategic Plan is focused on the right things?