How can an insurance company build trust
with customers with a new website?



CrossFit RRG had been offering insurance specialized for CrossFit gym owners for years, but their website was in dire need of a refresh. They brought in a design and development partner and myself to completely redo the website. Before they could start redoing the design and layout, we had to figure out what their customers actually needed to see and hear. We interviewed 12 gym owners to learn their history, why they opened their gym, what keeps them up at night, and what they thought about insurance.





Gyms are more than just places to get strong. They’re families.

The owners are more than just athletic coaches; they play matchmaker, babysitter, and therapist. Their gyms aren’t just places to build muscle, they’re places to leverage the incredible power of community support to help build you a better life.

Recommendation: Owners carry these values into their business practices as well, whether it’s the coaches they hire, or the vendors they work with. Show them you share those values and help them protect the community they built.



Insurance is a promise, not a product.

Unlike most products, with insurance you’re constantly paying money for something that you hope you never use. This makes it hard to understand what you’re paying money for and why one option would be better than the other. As a result, owners look to the quality of the interaction in order to build trust that their provider will show up in their moment of need.

Recommendation: The quality of the interaction is as important as the protection itself. A provider’s willingness to answer questions, speedy responses, even basic manners all make a difference. If you’re hard to work with before the sale, you can bet owners expect you to be terrible if they have to make a claim.



CrossFit and insurance speak different languages.

Big Insurance is wary of CrossFit and CrossFitters are wary of Big Insurance. As entrepreneurs you’re asked to figure out lots of things that you may have never known about (taxes, contracts, marketing, etc.) and you’re looking for allies to help with the areas that you don’t understand. They want a partner who not only gets insurance, but gets what they’re about as CrossFit affiliates as well and can help make the right decisions.

Recommendation: Show owners you don’t just ‘get’ what CrossFit is, you’re actually part of the community itself. Be specific, reassure them they can keep doing what they’re doing and you’ll protect them all the same.




The research was compiled into a detailed report presented to the broader team. It was also designed to be a standalone document to share with new team members or referenced at any point when they needed to draw on customer insights. As well as the insights above, the report included:

  • Gym owner profiles

  • Worries at different stages of gym ownership

  • Deeper dive into insurance needs

  • How providers can inspire confidence

  • Challenges the RRG might still face





Home Page

First and foremost, CrossFit RRG is CrossFit. We get what you do and who you are. We have the experience to help you get exactly the protection you need.


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About Page

Highlighting the origin of the RRG as a solution to a community problem, not just another business looking for money.


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Affiliate Page

Not only did the research help clarify the right message, we were even able to leverage the research for copy:“70,000 movements, lift rocks, do handstands…” was directly inspired by comments from owners themselves.


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