People in a room
+ Sandwiches
≠ Success


Run a workshop that actually works.

Workshops can be a powerful tool to bring a team together to tackle a tough problem.



Examples of recent workshops I've helped facilitate and plan:

Field Guide

[Design Thinking Immersion]

4-day workshop combining outdoor experiences with hands-on Design Thinking exercises with ~40 people across education, business, non-profit, etc.


Design Thinking For High Tech Logistics

[Innovation Skill-Building]

2-day workshop for a Fortune 500 tech company, teaching their logistics team leaders how to conduct better user interviews to help draw out real opportunities for product and process improvement.

Scientists + Professional Athletes

[Brainstorming New Products]

Half-day workshop with ~30 professional athletes, engineers, marketers, and scientists to help a tech startup company brainstorm opportunities to productize their technology.


Networking for Introverts

[Design Thinking Introduction]

2-hour introduction to Design Thinking, using the prompt "How to Make Networking Events even Introverts Would Love!" Journey mapped the physical and thought process of attending an event, looking for opportunities to add joy and reduce anxiety.


I’m a very ‘lazy thinker’ and Alex pushes me the right way. He wasn’t overbearing, he wasn’t ‘punitive’, he just did it in a really supportive nature. He was also incredibly intuitive on where he needed to take me to have the best idea I could have.
— Field Guide Participant